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A quote read recently: 

'When you have 90 percent of a large project completed, finishing up the final details will take another 90 percent.'  We've been working on the last 90 percent for several months and will have a record very soon. 

We're done with social media and will explain on the upcoming record. 

'Own the World' will appear in season 3 of Control Z on Netflix (ep.4) streaming July 6th.  The track recently featured in the final season of Monarca, also on Netflix.  Originally intended as the album 3 closer, 'Own the World' has been left off of the upcoming record but will live on as a single. 

We are nearing completion on a track for a short film called Stigma, made up almost entirely of Jo's voice.  An edited version of the track titled 'Snakes' will appear on the upcoming record.  We'll post a link to the film here when available. 



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