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Saturday, January 27th, 20183 Comments


Three records are on the way.

Five years in the hole have produced nearly fifty full length tracks that have been divided into three, possibly four separate albums.

Sissy (3) currently stands as a double record, twenty tracks separated into dark and light (er) material.  How we release this is yet to be decided though it’s likely we try to sequence the material into one longer album.  Roughly 25% of the work…

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Long time no see

Friday, January 20th, 20178 Comments


Time flies.

There is a new record on the way.  We’ve been a bit distracted with the DT record which is almost off the table.

Once that record is behind us, our full energy will be directed towards finishing THREE, which is mostly written, and about half produced.

We apologize for the delay.   These things take an enormous amount of time to do properly.

More to come.



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Album 3

Sunday, December 15th, 20137 Comments


Production on album 3 is in progress and is running parallel with the DT solo project.   We’re hoping to have both records see the light of day in 2014.



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November Sky

Wednesday, November 14th, 20122 Comments


November in Bobcaygeon, Ontario.   These shots were taken over a 5 minute sequence at sunset in early November.



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Back in the studio

Saturday, October 27th, 20122 Comments

Recording Oct 2012 - April Fool 2nd vrs harmonies.

Now that the distractions of summer are behind us we are back at work in the studio.

We’ve picked up a decent camera with the intention of making our own videos and are shooting the recording process along the way.

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