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Saturday, January 27th, 20184 Comments


Three records are on the way.

Five years in the hole have produced nearly fifty full length tracks that have been divided into three, possibly four separate albums.

Sissy (3) currently stands as a double record, twenty tracks separated into dark and light (er) material.  How we release this is yet to be decided though it’s likely we try to sequence the material into one longer album.  Roughly 25% of the work remains, with five or six of the tracks requiring vocals and further production.

Years of unsure direction have given way to a clear picture of what these records actually are which has provided some momentum.  We are working hard to get all of the material completed.

The solo record has taken shape over the winter.  The album currently stands at fifteen tracks, a few require vocals however production is more or less complete. There are a few guest vocalists on board with Jo on about half the record.

A concept album we’ve had in development for the last ten years or so is ready to go with final mixing slated for the week ahead.   The album is a collection of material that is unique for us in tone, message and sound and as such will be released under an alias.

More info to come.



4 Responses to 2018

  1. Gannøn

    I’m excited for what’s coming!!

  2. James H

    Exciting indeed! I look forward to what you guys have in store for us in 2018.

  3. K & A Williams

    We’re sure it’s going to be amazing. Can’t wait!!! BTW…love the new photo!

  4. Mike

    when will we get these new tracks?!
    no pressure but much anticipated!!

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