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Long time no see

Friday, January 20th, 20178 Comments


Time flies.

There is a new record on the way.  We’ve been a bit distracted with the DT record which is almost off the table.

Once that record is behind us, our full energy will be directed towards finishing THREE, which is mostly written, and about half produced.

We apologize for the delay.   These things take an enormous amount of time to do properly.

More to come.





8 Responses to Long time no see

  1. Gannøn

    Awesome! I miss you guys and can’t wait for new stuff ;))

  2. marsellus

    Sweet! I’m excited.

  3. headpaneer

    I’ll be here! Hope to see you perform live [ in Southern California 😉 ] someday!

  4. Mike

    this is great news, long awaited but can’t wait to hear more from you guys!!

  5. brisaman

    Yes! It will be worth the wait.

  6. Anna Leevia

    Waiting anxiously for the next releases! Your music makes me see many things and I’d love to work on a video for you someday!

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