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November Sky

Wednesday, November 14th, 20122 Comments


November in Bobcaygeon, Ontario.   These shots were taken over a 5 minute sequence at sunset in early November.





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  1. MimKoRn

    I can see no word from the band anywhere. No blogs, no wiki, no events, no nothing – I am worried, that the duo has somehow split or something. Please please please don’t be it!

    I found it via Pandora recently, fell in love with it and I can’t stop thinking, how other bands become well-known like Portishead. I love Portishead, but this to me has more power and … aaaargh I just want to know if the band is doing well!

    • David

      Rest assured all is well here – we are working very hard on new material. We realize in this day and age that avoiding social media is counter productive as a band, however we can’t bring ourselves to play that particular game. We’ll have some news shortly.

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