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These are some pictures taken on a recent trip to Italy.

We hiked on a mountain with my 80 year old great uncle.  He is in a hiking club and is the healthiest man you’ll ever meet.  Such an inspiration to know that you are only as old as you feel.  There are quite a few pictures of trees cause what can I say, I like them.  I was so amazed that the trees still sustained life even when the ground under them had given way in spots and some of their roots were exposed.  The church is on the mountain where the hike started.  It was erected there because it was apparently the site of a miracle.  A young girl was on the mountain with her sheep who were dying of thirst when she saw a vision of the Virgin Mary.  Shortly after a waterfall sprang from the mountain providing enough water for the entire village.  Now people go to the church and bring stories of their own miracles and post them on a wall inside.  Even if you’re not religious it’s quite beautiful to see.



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